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Dolphin Whiteboards

Does anyone really use the ray flash apps Whiteboards? Good question! Although I do not join every Dolphin site out there, I have yet to see one that actually has Whiteboards enabled and in use.

The Dolphin Whiteboards are pretty lame if you ask me. Not much to them. They kind of resemble something a 3-5 year old would use more than anything.

I don't quite get why they keep them as one of the flash apps. I guess because they are so simple or something. Maybe it makes it look like they have some other feature other scripts don't have or something. I really don't know.

I have checked them out in the past, but becomes apparent that there really isn't much to them. I can't imagine someone sitting there drawing simple shapes and colors just to kill some time at any site. People do some strange or unusual things sometimes. I just don't think that this would normally be one of them.

Who knows for sure, but I can't imagine very many Dolphin based sites that really get any use out of the Whiteboards. Probably more like no sites.


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07.06.2010 (4469 days ago)
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