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Dolphin Templates

I think a lot of people tend to seek free Dolphin Templates. In the past in previous versions there seemed to be more free dolphin templates out there. Now in the current version you will find it much more difficult to find free dolphin 7 templates.

There are still a few of them out there for dolphin 7. However, many are out of date. Some were released in the early stages or version of dolphin 7. Boonex added a file to dolphin which made some of these free templates no longer work anymore without modification.

Many of the free dolphin 7 templates out there don't work the best to begin with.

So that leaves you with creating your own dolphin 7 template which can be time-consuming. Find one of the free templates and go through the code, optimize it and make it work the way it should. Or purchase one. I have seen prices range from $15 to $50, and occasionally slightly more. I can't try them all, but if you find one in the $15-$25 range that you like it might be worth it. The time involved in creating your own or re-coding a free one to work right just to save a few $'s might not be worth the effort.

At any rate there are a few free dolphin 7 templates out there. Like I said though some of them will need a few modifications to work right and to work with the latest dolphin version. If you have the time to mess with them and want to save a few $'s then go for it. Otherwise, consider purchasing one and save yourself the time and hassle.

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07.26.2010 (4453 days ago)
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