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Dolphin Hosting and Technical Requirements

Somehow I stumbled upon a few hosting companies that Boonex used to recommend for dolphin hosting the other night.

I guess I wanted to see what some of the other companies were up to and if they still had a dolphin hosting page or not. I look over several of them and briefly glanced over their sales pages.

Pricing has been pretty competitive for years in the hosting industry. Most of the ones I looked at were all similar in pricing. Nothing unusual there.

Then, I started looking at the Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policies just to see what is allowed and what isn't. Most of them are pretty lengthy, but follow a similar set of terms.

One of them I couldn't even find a Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy listed on their website anywhere. I spent about 10 minutes looking and finally gave up. Maybe they provide a link in the checkout somewhere, but you would think it would be wise to provide that information before that point so people know what they are getting into and committing to.

Another older one that used to be on the Boonex recommended hosting companies list, which by the way is no longer recommended by Boonex, but they still claim to support dolphin and have a sales page was a little out of the ordinary. The resource usage limitations were so small I don't know how anyone could run dolphin there or much else for that matter.

Here is a screen shot:

Hosting Resource Usage

Take a look at that. You are not allowed to use more than 8 MB's of memory for more than 30 seconds. On top of that you can't use more than 5% of all system resources at any time.

Really? You can't use 8 whole MB's of memory for a whopping 30 seconds. I don't know what decade they are living in because 8 MB's is nothing today for almost any script. They must be living in the early to mid 1990s when HTML was all that most people had to work with.

It wouldn't take much for any script to use more than that amount of memory. Heck, just logging into the hosting control panel, checking email, ftp, or uploading a simple image could go over that amount.

And, for the 5% of all system resources at any time part...They must not realize how CPU hungry Dolphin can be at times.

So bottom line is be sure to read a hosts Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy. They do vary from one to another. If you don't see something or you are unsure send them an email and ask. Better to know about it beforehand rather than later on down the road.

Here is a screen shot from Boonex Dolphin Technical Requirements page which you can find here:
Boonex Dolphin Technical Requirements

Boonex Dolphin Hosting Requirements

As you can see memory limit should be 128 MB's or higher, and it will push that limit or even go over that on occasion.

Many shared hosting companies have limitations on how often you can run a cron. There aren't too many out there that will let you schedule a cron to run every single minute like the installer prompts you to set. At least in a shared hosting environment. So cron jobs are another concern with a shared dolphin hosting account type.

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11.23.2011 (3875 days ago)
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