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Dolphin 7 and Bandwidth

One thing I can't help thinking and wondering about is if Dolphin 7 will consume more resources than the previous 6.1x version. I haven't conducted any thorough testing yet. I know that ffmpeg.exe used for converting video/movie uploads to .flv/.mpg formats is very power hungry. Flash applications traditionally consume more resources than non-flash related scripts or programming.

One thing that is obviously noticeable is my Dolphin 7 setup consumes much more bandwidth than the previous version. I have toned down and optimized the homepage as much as I'd like for now and it still chews up the bandwidth. I've played around with the enabling/disabling the cache feature in Dolphin 7 admin panel.

When I was running Dolphin 6.1x the total page size with all objects and scripts was about 370kb's. With this Dolphin 7.0 setup the homepage comes in at a little over 800kb's with all objects and scripts, and like I mentioned I removed some of the blocks on the homepage that the default install includes.

Thank goodness most hosts allow plenty of bandwidth these days because it is more than doubled now. With that in mind I am kind of leaning or thinking that Dolphin 7 is going to be a bit more power and resource hungry than the previous version. I'll have to keep watching this one over time.

Even at 800kb's per unique visitor to the homepage it eats up the bandwidth, not to mention if a site had videos or more features enabled or showing on the homepage than I do. Imagine if you had 1,000 or 10,000 unique visitors per day...ouch that is a lot of bandwidth for 1 page.

It really shouldn't be much of a problem for most sites with the amount of bandwidth hosts allow these days. But, I have seen a few out there yet with 25-30gb's per month range.

Here is a screen shot from my 6.1x Dolphin setup:

Dolphin 6.1


And this one with the current 7.0 Dolphin Setup:

Dolphin 7.0

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01.14.2010 (4646 days ago)
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