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Dolphin 7 Template Compatibility

Since there are so many browsers out there now and they can't seem to agree on a standard or how to do things there can be a few display issues or errors with Dolphin 7 from one browser to another.

Boonex announced a while back that they will no longer support Internet Explorer 6. There is currently around a 15% market share of users that still use Internet Explorer 6 according to:
Browser Version Market Share

From what I have read many that still use Internet Explorer 6 are businesses that are reluctant to upgrade because they don't want to have something mess up in the process of upgrading.

There are still a few users that swear Internet Explorer 6 is the greatest. I doubt they have spent a lot of time trying out Internet Exploer 7 or 8.

Internet Explorer 7 has a little over 10% of the market share according to the same site and link above.

Internet Explorer 8 is about 29%. There is also an Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility Mode with a little over 2.5%.

Now the problem is Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 will display a site slightly different. A Dolphin 7 site might look great with Internet Explorer 8, slightly out of whack with Internet Explorer 7, and totally or extremely out of whack with Internet Explorer 6.

Since Boonex said they don't support Internet Explorer 6 anymore we will pretty much count it out any way.

A well coded Dolphin 7 site will look good in both Internet Explorer 7 and 8.

Since Microsoft doesn't like to make things easy for designers and coders some Dolphin 7 templates could actually look good in Internet Explorer 8, but slightly out of whack to extremely out of whack in Internet Explorer 8.

Although IE 8 has the largest percentage of users there are still those that use IE 7. If your site doesn't display right in IE 7 you could be losing some traffic or visitors.

Dolphin 7 seems to look good in Google Chrome, and Firefox 3.6, 3.5, and 3.0. Although I can't test out each and every version of all these browsers.

The biggest issue seems to be with IE7 and IE8 differences. IE9 is in beta and should be released as stable soon, and whether it will make things even worse, better, or stay the same is unknown yet.

Here are a couple sample Dolphin 7 sites I checked out at Boonex Unity under the Websites section.

This first site with IE 8 you can see displays good. Then, when I switch to IE 7 the Recently Added Sites disappear.

With IE 8:
With IE 8

With IE 7:
With IE 7

This second site looks great with IE 8. Then, when I switch to IE 7 the Top Menu is almost hidden and non-viewable.

With IE 8:
With IE 8

With IE 7:
With IE 7

Some Dolphin 7 websites look great or the same with both IE 7 and IE8. Others, look great with IE 8, but have display issues with IE 7. Which range from slight to extreme.

It is mostly because Microsoft makes things confusing for a developer or template designer to code it to comply with both versions. Some coders and designers do a better job at making a template work with both versions.

So it might be a little interesting to see how your site looks in both IE 7 and IE 8.

We'll have to see what happens when IE 9 comes out. You can download and test the beta version already if interested at Microsoft. I just don't have time and don't like messing with beta versions.

Although more people do use IE 8 it might be a plus if your Dolphin 7 template is compatible with both IE 7 and IE 8.

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10.17.2010 (4369 days ago)
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