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Security Impact Settings in Dolphin 7

I am starting to get a little irritated with the security settings in Dolphin 7. So far I haven't found a perfect number for "Total security impact threshold to send report" or "Total security impact threshold to send report and block aggressor". If you have tried to post a blog, news, etc. in your Dolphin 7 and you try to add a simple link or link to a picture in the post you've probably got the warning about it being blocked.

I'm all for enhanced security, but I posted something last night and I had to set it to 115 just to actually post the thing. One time I will post something and I can get by with a 40-60, and the next I need a 100+ setting.

I am thinking about either disabling it completely, or setting it so high that hopefully it will not do much anyway. Which kind of defeats the purpose, but if it won't let someone post something then they probably aren't going to come back and do it again later.

And then of course there is all those automated email reports one receives because of this too.

I will continue playing around with it for a bit longer and try to come up with a better number to set these too, but so far I haven't found it.

Sometimes I just add the post through phpmyAdmin instead of wasting my time with this. That way I know it will work, and I can also add code and tag Dolphin strips out / blocks too.

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01.16.2010 (4551 days ago)
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