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Dolphin 7 Security Audit Check

The Big Man (Andrew Boon) at Boonex recently made a blog post at Boonex Unity about having a professional security audit done on Dolphin 7 by an independent specialist.


Dolphin 7 Security

This is kind of interesting as I don't recall Boonex doing this with previous versions of Dolphin. Now obviously this is a good idea as far as Dolphin is concerned. The whole Dolphin 7 development and process has been quite extensive and a long time coming now.

A complete list of all the findings and details of the security audit were not posted, probably another good idea. It was stated that it did result in a handful of "finds". Of course some handfuls could be smaller or larger than others.

Anyway this is a good idea and obviously the specialist did identify some issues that are being addressed, and should be included in the next beta.

The part that is a little vague and sort of unclear is that the blog post kind implies that it could delay the release date. It also doesn't clearly say if that means the release date of the next beta, or Dolphin 7 Stable.

Hopefully this will not delay any future releases of Dolphin 7 whether it's Beta, RC, or Stable.

All we can do is continue watching the development process and waiting for news about the next release.

Dolphin 7 Beta is looking pretty darn good, it just needs a little more polishing and fine tuning I believe.

You can read the Boonex Unity Blog Post here if interested. (It's rather short and to the point.)
Dolphin 7 Security Audit

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10.21.2009 (4730 days ago)
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