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Dolphin 7 RC Update

It's barely been a few hours since Boonex released Dolphin 7 RC, and already I see a number of people using it on a live site. This is fine and dandy, but I've even seen a few sites that have basically did away with their Dolphin 6.1x site completely. The kicker is a few of these sites I noticed even stated some kind of apology because they want their members to re-register. How crazy is that. One site even had well over 1000 members.

Now I don't know about you, but if some site I belong to told me that everything I have ever posted will be lost, and I should re-register and post it again...I would not be happy and I probably wouldn't be going back to that site ever again. I'd be even more irritated if they didn't give me any warning.

Now if there were only a couple of members that hadn't really posted much anyway I might understand, but I still would not resort to wiping it all this early in the Dolphin 7 game yet.

Obviously they are not my sites so it doesn't concern me. I just have a hard time understanding why someone would just do away with all their time and effort in one pop just because they want Dolphin 7 so bad, which isn't even considered stable yet I might add. Totally irritating their members in the process of doing so.

I know it's exciting, cool, and you have been waiting along time for it. You have waited this long why not go the extra mile for your members. Be patient and wait for a decent way to get your site from Dolphin 6.1x to Dolphin 7.

Anyway I just couldn't believe I've already seen some sites doing this, and I didn't spend that much time looking around to see just how many others had done this or were in the process of doing so.

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11.14.2009 (4706 days ago)
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