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Dolphin 7 RC Released

Today Boonex released Dolphin 7 RC. If you are a Boonex Unity member you probably received an automated email about this, and are probably already aware of this. If not you can find more details including the Dolphin 7 RC download here:
Dolphin 7 RC

Dolphin 7 RC


RC generally refers to "Release Candidate," or basically that this version could be considered for full stable release. You should still expect a few bugs and glitches. Most major bugs, glitches, errors and such should be worked out by now. I have not installed the RC version yet. However, this is what should be expected when compared to other software RC releases. Whether this is the case or not, we will have to wait and see. There will probably be a flood of posts at Boonex Unity soon, once other members install this and begin testing it.

Along with the new Dolphin 7 RC comes a RMS RC release, which you can find and download in the above mentioned link.

The best suggestion is to install Dolphin 7 RC and use it for testing. I know some people have been waiting for a stable release much longer than they expected, and are eager to jump into Dolphin 7. This new RC release is upgradeable to another RC release should there be one, or to Dolphin 7 Stable once it becomes available. Which means rather than starting over, or installing new and fresh each time you should be able to just upgrade to the next release now.

Keep in mind this Dolphin 7 RC version was released on Friday The 13th...hopefully this means good luck.

Boonex Dolphin 7 is heating up and should get more interesting soon!

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11.14.2009 (4614 days ago)
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