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How Many Modules Do We Need

Is it just me or do we really need all these Dolphin 7 Modules? I mean they are kind of cool and a nice idea and all that, but I keep thinking there is almost too many by Boonex anyway.

The 3rd party modules are fine I am not too concerned about them, at least at the moment.

What I wonder is do all these Dolphin 7 Modules slow down the development or release of new versions? It seems to me there are just tons of files and database issues associated with all these. The more they have or come out with, the more work they are creating for themselves to fix and de-bug things.

I don't know maybe you need all of the included default Boonex Modules for some reason. I just think if you add them all it clutters a site and makes things confusing and overwhelming for not only your members, but guests, visitors, or potential new members.

I think Boonex could do away with some of the modules completely. Others are kind of borderline. I could live with or without them.

Obviously each and every site will have different needs. It kind of confuses me when someone installs Dolphin 7 along with all modules. I don't think a site with all kinds of confusing modules is anymore attractive than a site that only has a few of the most useful or common ones.

If you install all Dolphin 7 modules in one pop, then you don't have anything new to offer your members in the future. Unless, you intend to buy 3rd party modules, or wait for a decent free one to be posted.

I would install only a handful of modules you really need. Save some for later. That way you can add one of the default Boonex Modules in the future, and tell your members you have added a new feature to your site.

Anyway, what I am really getting at is I think if Boonex concentrated on a smaller set of popular modules things might progress at a faster pace than what we have seen. For the time being patience is the key I guess.

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09.30.2010 (4383 days ago)
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