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Dolphin 7 Modifications & Customizations

You will be able to make some basic standard modifications and customizations in your Dolphin 7 Administration. Depending on what you are trying to do this may only involve a few clicks of the mouse, or maybe just moving blocks around. It really varies depending on what you are trying to do.

Dolphin 7 is like any other script, you will be able to make some basic changes fairly simple in the back end  / administration. If you are trying to change something that you just can't find or figure out in your administration panel then there is a good chance that it will involve a more complex modification. This might be editing .css, .html, .js, .php, or even making changes to the database.

It really varies considerably depending on what you are trying to accomplish. It could still be very simple, or it could end up being a time-consuming process. For some it might even be a nightmare or one big headache.

I have noticed some complaining that nobody is helping them, or won't tell them how to make the modification they are seeking. This really depends again on what is involved. If it's something that only requires a few minutes of work, then you will probably get an answer. Some of the more common questions have been posted and answered many even repeatedly at Boonex Unity Blogs and Forums.

If you are getting discouraged or disappointed because nobody is answering, it's possible that what you seek is something that would require a lot of time and work. There are a number of members at Boonex Unity that are willing to help when it comes to the less time-consuming requests for help. When you are asking for something that would be a lot of work, then you are less likely to receive a response. It will be tough to find someone that will spend hours of their time for the heck of it.

Dolphin is a learning process. It can't be figured out and mastered overnight. If you have used previous versions of Dolphin it will help. If you are new to Dolphin 7, it can be a bit confusing and frustrating. Dolphin is not a forum, blog, or other relatively simple and basic script. We have many features and modules all in one package that many other scripts do not offer. Because of all the features in Dolphin alone makes things much more complex and time-consuming to learn. You are essentially learning to administer several scripts all in one. How long would it take you to learn a forum script? How about wordpress blogging? A stand-alone video script? A photo sharing / uploading script? It would take some time to learn each of those. Now consider the time it would take to learn each individually, and it should become apparent that Dolphin will take a lot longer to learn then many other single feature scripts.

You really need to put in the time and effort to learn it like anything. The more time you devote to it, the easier it becomes. If you have experience with .html, .css, .php, database management, and other programming it will be extremely helpful. Even just a little understanding of some of the programming languages can go a long way. If you really have no idea how any of it works, if you don't know what ftp is, how to change file permissions, or how to set up a cron job, then Dolphin is going to be a lot of work. You really should take the time to learn some of the basics whenever you get a chance.

If this is your situation Dolphin free version the route to go with a cheap and economical web host. I suggest you find yourself a cheap Dolphin Host, and use Dolphin for free with Boonex ads. If you decide you don't like it or it's just too much for you then you are only out a few dollars for the hosting. If you get the hang of it and you really like it, you might consider purchasing a license to use Dolphin without the Boonex ads. Should you grow your site you might think about upgrading your hosting to a plan that limits the number of other accounts on the server, get a vps, or even a fully dedicated server. You can take small steps, there is no need to jump into something over your head.

I am not trying to discourage anyone from using Dolphin. I am just saying it's not for everyone. If you are new to Dolphin you really have to give it a chance and put in the time to learn it.

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03.03.2010 (4594 days ago)
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