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Database sys_sessions in Dolphin 7

I don't know if most people pay much attention to their Dolphin 7 database or not. I don't spend all day long checking my database, but I do take a peek at things from time to time. Even more so when things seem a little out of the ordinary.

Lately my database has been growing a little more than usual. So recently I decided to spend a little time doing some checking and maintenance.

It didn't take long to identify why it was growing so much. The sys_sessions table has 111,838 entries consuming 22.4 MiB (Megabytes) of space. The entire database is 32.2 MiB (Megabytes) so this one table (sys_sessions) is taking up nearly 2/3 of the entire Dolphin 7 database.

Dolphin 7 sys_sessions

So I wait 24-48 hours and come back to check it again. Now it has grown to 113,545 entries and 22.8 MiB. 1707 new entries and nearly 1/2 a megabyte in 24-48 hours.

Dolphin 7 sys_sessions

So I decided to do some cleaning and the now it is a mere 19.5 KiB (Kilobytes) and after optimizing the sys_sesions table the entire database size has been reduced to 10.0 Megabytes or by around 2/3. Hard to imagine this one little table consumed nearly 2/3 of the entire database.

Dolphin 7 sys_sessions Optimized

The entries will build back again, but if your Dolphin 7 database is growing at a rate more than usual you might check this. It can be a pretty good indication that your Dolphin 7 cron is not working properly, and possibly cron system/server wide. The sys_sessions entries should periodically be removed by the cron job automatically.

I don't think for this site that I need to store 100,000+ records in a short period of time. So basically this is something I would consider out of the ordinary. Something to tune up when I get a chance.

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02.10.2011 (4254 days ago)
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