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Dolphin 7 Alpha

I briefly got a chance to check out the new Dolphin 7 Alpha release. I set it up and installed it locally using wamp. I didn't mess with the cron or email as I just really wanted to take a peek at this. Wamp does work pretty decent for testing most features locally, rather than on the internet. It really comes in handy if one wants to make some changes whether it be to the script, design and layout, or anything else. You then test your changes on your local PC rather than on a live site. If all goes well, you can then apply your changes to your live site. If something goes wrong, then you don't risk messing up your live site. It also works well for testing something like the new Dolphin Alpha release.

Now I haven't spent a whole lot of time with it yet, but it is apparent that the Dolphin Admin Panel is quite a bit different compared to previous versions. So if you are used to the way things work in Dolphin 6.1x this might be a little confusing at first. There are a few things that are the same, but many similar features that seem to be done a bit different now. So it's a matter of "where is this now?" It used to be here, now it's somewhere else. It doesn't seem like a real big deal, but like anything new it takes some messing with to get the hang of it.

There is the new "Module" Feature now in the Admin Panel. Where some are available, but you need to activate/install them. Some of these are fairly clear what they are for if you are familiar with Dolphin, while others aren't so clear what they actually do or are for. It also appears that you can upload additional modules, then activate/install them using the Admin Panel Module Feature. There are many scripts that use this same concept. Upload a module to the module directory, install it, and activate it.

Anyway so far it looks appealing, but a little confusing as well. I will continue testing it in my spare time and give it more time before I really can say much more about it.

If you follow Dolphin fairly close and it is something you enjoy, then you will surely want to check it out in your spare time.

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06.14.2009 (4861 days ago)
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