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New Features in Dolphin 7.1

If you like Boonex Dolphin you have probably read a number of updates about the new features they have planned. Some are kind of nice and look appealing, but we will have to see what the final outcome and result happens to be.

Sometimes change can be a good thing, and it can bring about new things. I just hope they don't change the way some things are done, or at least not so much that everyone has to go around getting new templates, modules, and other modifications. If that happens to be the case it can be a lot of work for some sites that would like to upgrade.

I see some people in Boonex Unity Forums are already testing Dolphin 7.1, and are reporting bugs and other issues. Hopefully they will get most of them worked out before releasing the new version.

I don't mind upgrading, but I want to make sure there is a good solid release available first. And, I would prefer that the things I have made changes to will continue working in the new version.

Some people seem eager to upgrade. Nothing wrong with getting excited about a new version. A brand new fresh install of the new release would be ideal and probably the easiest route. An established site with a lot of content and customizations might be something to take into consideration before rushing into upgrading.

As for the release date? Good question. The Boonex people drop subtle replies like: soon, within the next month, or a few weeks. Who really knows for certain, but it will happen.

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08.13.2012 (3701 days ago)
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