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Dolphin 6.1.4, 6.1.5, and 6.1.6 upgrade

BoonexApparently we have a new Dolphin upgrade recently released. From what I gather it is primarily a license update with some minor bug fixes. After only one or two days of being released I already see tons of problems, complaints, or whatever you want to call them at Boonex Unity. Now it seems what was to be a simple license update with a few fixes, sounds like it creates more bugs than it fixes. There is already mention of a Dolphin 6.1.6 Upgrade / Update to address bugs in the Dolphin 6.1.4 to Dolphin 6.1.5 Upgrade / Update. All of this in a matter of days of release...maybe less.

I understand some people live for Dolphin and follow the script development closely. But this is exactly why I am in not in a hurry to upgrade. If you have a number of alterations or modifications to Dolphin 6.1.4 what is the hurry? If you are new to Dolphin and installing it for the first time this is understandable that you would be working with 6.1.5.

I am never in a hurry to upgrade. It will be there later, and it's not going anywhere. Each time a new version or upgrade comes out I check Boonex Unity and Boonex Forums to see what's happening. Just about every time there are some problems, bugs, issues, whatever you want to call them. Sometimes you will see a flood of them, and rarely only a small amount.

So I basically wait until they get the kinks all worked out, or most of them anyway.

If you don't have any modifications or very little you might give it a shot, if you just can't live without Dolphin 6.1.5/6.1.6 for a few more days or weeks.

If you do have many modifications you might consider waiting until these issues are worked out.

Someone asks the question in VitorT's recent blog post at Boonex Unity:

Question: So I have no interest in updating my site, you can upgrade dolphin 6.1.4 to 7.0 directly?
Answer by Boonex Team Member AndreyP:
Yes, upgrade pack from 6.1.4 (5,6) will available after releasing of dolphin 7.

Dolphin 6.1.4 to 7 upgrade

So really there is no need, rush, or hurry to do so now or until the release of Dolphin 7.

If you do decide to upgrade, be sure you allow yourself plenty of time just in case problems do arise. Don't attempt an upgrade an hour before you intend to go to sleep or to work.

Read the instructions over a few times and make sure you totally understand them. If not ask in the Boonex Forums.

Always back up your entire site and database before even attempting any upgrade. If you have a large site this could be time consuming, but save you a lot of time fixing your site should something go wrong. You will have something to fall back on.

At the very least download and backup the database, and the files on your server/hosting account that will be replaced by the upgrade.

Good Luck and Have Fun whichever route you pursue.

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05.14.2009 (4887 days ago)
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