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Customizing Dolphin 7

The more time I spend with Dolphin 7 the more I am finding that I just can't do in the administration panel. Some things I would like to change or adjust, but apparently they are not deemed as something that should be changeable. At least the simple way in Dolphin 7 Administration. Whether for good reason, they weren't thought of or programmed yet, or whatever. Some of them are fairly common requests and suggestions that you think most average people would have thought of.

So I find myself having to dip into more and more code every day. Now this isn't a big deal for me, but I know what is going to happen. Boonex will come out with a 7.0.1 patch and all the coding I have done will need to be reapplied / redone. Which is going to be a total pain in the rump. So as much as I would like to change a lot of coding I keep telling myself don't do it! Don't give in! Wait it out a bit longer.

Sooner or later I will give in and say the heck with it, and just start changing it. I have been doing this on a development install of Dolphin 7 for testing and playing for the time being.

If you can live with a default install with standard modules and features you will probably be good to go. If you want to change several things not available in the Dolphin 7 Administration, then you are at some point going to have to modify the code. If so I suggest you document what you changed, the file, date, for what reason, etc. Keep good records because this thing is getting more complex and difficult to keep up with than previous versions.

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01.18.2010 (4642 days ago)
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