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Cloudflare performance and security for your website

Cloudflare is a service that can help reduce attacks, bots, spam, and that kind of thing before it even reaches your site or server. And, it can be used with any type of website whether you use Dolphin or something else. It will even work with standard shared hosting.

I should point out that I have not personally tried Cloudflare's service yet. It is on my list of things that I have been meaning to do.

They currently offer 3 different plans with the more basic plan being totally free. You can check them out and see the details here:
Cloudflare Plans

The free option comes with plenty of features that could potentially be useful for Dolphin websites.

You have the option to set your desired threshold. You can block an entire country with a simple click, or block by ip range.

If your website or dolphin hosting server happens to be down it can display a limited static cached content page of your website so your visitors know your site actually exists. And, it will inform visitors that they may experience a limited view of your website until your host or server comes back online and returns to normal. Which might be better than a big blank page of nothing people see when a server or website is down.

The free service comes with these useful features:

Globally-distributed network
Secure, redundant DNS
Anycast routing technology
Automatic static content caching
Always online
Resource analysis and optimization
Website preloader
Basic Security            
Email harvesting protection
Reputation-based threat protection
Server side exclude ability
Hotlinking protection
Browser integrity checks
Threat control dashboard
Block traffic by country or IP range
Alert infected human visitors
Identify new threats for community
Easy DNS management
Threat challenge page
Offline browsing page
Stats for all the traffic to your site
-(threats, search engine crawlers and visitors)    
-Updated every 24 hours
Outbound Link Tracking
Visitor IP Geolocation lookup

And the pay versions have even more features.

The drawback of using Cloudflare is that it does require changing your nameservers at your domain registar. Which would mean your website would likely be down until the propagation process fully completes and updates. The same would happen if you decide you didn't want to use the service and switch back.

Boonex actually used Cloudflare briefly a while back when they were dealing with some attacks on Boonex - Unity. They never spoke of what their overall impression of the service was or how it worked out for them though.

There are a few other services or companies that offer a similar service out there, but Cloudflare is the only popular one I have come across that has a free option or plan.

Like I said I haven't tried Cloudflare yet to really provide a review of the service. It's just something that some of you out there might be interested in checking out. Whether you have a Dolphin website or any other type of site.

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05.17.2011 (4159 days ago)
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