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Browser Share - Popularity

Every time there is a new report out about web browser popularity or market share I see different numbers and stats. One will state Microsoft's Internet Explorer at the top, and another puts Mozilla Firefox in 1st place.

This story on yahoo news Top Browser Share Trend puts Internet Explorer at 60.74% and Firefox at 22.91% for July, 2010. How exactly they figure this or what the accuracy rating is on something like this, I have no idea.

Firefox and Google Chrome have had superior speed and support the latest new technologies for a long time now.

Internet Explorer is simply way behind times in terms of speed and technology. The only reason I would guess that Internet Explorer would have more users is because every pc out there running Windows has Internet Explorer preloaded and ready to use.

Internet Explorer 9 is supposed to be on the way, which is said to catch up to Firefox and Chrome's speed, technology, and overall performance. I will believe that one when I see it.

Firefox 4 is currently in beta and is also do out in the near future. The current version 3.6x is fast. Mozilla won't usually admit to it or comment on it, but it has memory leak issues. I am hoping they finally address this in version 4x because if you do as much as I do with Firefox it can be a bit annoying. 


Top Browser Share Trend

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08.24.2010 (4423 days ago)
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