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Boonex Unity Rules Updates

Is it just me or every time I turn around Boonex makes some change. They have had so many rules, regulation, terms of service, or whatever you want to call them since I have been a member I honestly don't even know what they are anymore. It can be difficult to make any sense out of them, and even more so when they change often.

It seems now there will be additional moderation. Mostly bans or suspensions without warning I think they are calling it. This is fine and dandy I am all for moderation providing it's not abused. I hope only admins have the ability to ban or suspend because if moderators have this ability people could get banned or suspended for something they shouldn't have.

Boonex also mentions they may or may not remove content at their discretion. They also say they may as well remove any content that discredits Boonex in any way.

Sounds like they only want positive, praise, and happy suck up to Boonex type of talk to me. I can see if someone is really being a problem, but if they start removing every little thing that is just stupid.

I used to belong to a forum site that moderated all new posts. They would review them before they were allowed to go public. If someone was complaining about them they didn't allow it. So basically everyone thought it was the greatest since everything was so peachy. I really don't agree with sites that do this.

With my luck I will be banned or suspended next time I post or reply to something.

Any way if you missed the Boonex Blog post about this, you can read it here:
Unity Rules, Forums Update, Moderation

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08.01.2010 (4354 days ago)
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