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Do you ever spend much time looking around Boonex Unity? Sometimes I look around and see what is happening and going on. I like to see what kind of ideas people have for Dolphin and what they might end up creating.

You can find helpful posts and topics in the forums if you do some searching. If you explore the Notes or Blog section sometimes you can find a few additional tips. It all varies at Boonex Unity. Sometimes you will find good information and help. Other times it can be rather entertaining as members seem to be fighting or arguing amongst one another.

After spending a little time at Unity recently, I started to wonder is it just me or does the Boonex Unity Websites section seem to have a lot of sites listed that are catered to the 18+ crowd if you know what I mean?

Incidentally you can find a lot more in Boonex Market for mods, modules, templates, etc. the Boonex Jobs section, and in Forum posts as well.

I have nothing against these sites or anything. I really don't care if that is what you are into or what your website is about. I am not certain, but I kind of remember at one time Boonex said something about being appropriate for people of all ages.

Since you only have to be 13 years old to join Boonex Unity you would think they might have a separate section for these kinds of sites and posts. Or, at least have a section that people can add their website that is clearly labeled to reflect this.

I am not complaining about these kinds of websites or the industry itself it really doesn't matter or concern me. It does amaze me just how prevalent they have become all over the internet though.

I notice on occasion, people will post in the Boonex forums and say something like: can you check my site something is wrong. Then, they add their link, which sometimes doesn't clearly identify what the site is about. So you decide to check it out and see what the problem might be, and boom...not the kind of website you were expecting. It would be nice if the url/link does not clearly represent what the site is about that they would at least say so. A sort of warning to those not interested in viewing these types of sites.

Again I'm not for or against them. I just wonder if some of the sites and links at Boonex are appropriate for all ages. Or, have we all accepted this as the norm now. I guess Dolphin is a popular script used for developing these kinds of sites. I wonder what the ratio of Dolphin sites catered to 18+ is compared to Dolphin sites for all ages.

Be careful clicking on links and websites posted at Boonex Unity. You sometimes don't know what kind of site you will end up on.

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08.28.2011 (4054 days ago)
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