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Funny how you see people posting a forum topic at Boonex...some question like it's the end of the world. Their site is the only Dolphin site that matters apparently. They tend to have a low number of posts like 1-10.

They pop in ask for a quick fix, someone will tell them how to fix it or they find the solution by actually searching and reading the forums instead of posting.

Then we either never see them again, or some time goes by and they come back when another problem arises, expecting a quick fix by someone again.

No thanks, no posting their solution no nothing. The only time they come and post is when they messed something up and they are screaming like a crazy person, like there site is so much more important than anyone else's.

So many members go out of their way to help or provide a solution, for basically the good of the community.

This happens all over the place not just Boonex Forums. It's everywhere. Once someone figures out their problem they're gone. That's all they care about they got their fix.

Too bad there wasn't some way to make a Boonex unity member have to wait like a week or two before they can post in the forums, blogs, and elsewhere. It seems like it's the folks that have only been here for a few days that post 50 questions right in a row in all kinds of different areas. Many times double posting and/or asking the same question in numerous locations.

Another thought was too bad Boonex can't limit the number of posts to say 2 per hour, 5-10 total per 24 hours maybe until you have been a member for a week. Slowly increase this number per week or per member rating/votes maybe. Just a thought.

New Boonex Unity Members and Dolphin users please, slow down a little. Yes Dolphin is cool and fun, but it isn't going to help to ask 50 questions. It will even discourage some from replying to your question when you do this.

Also don't scream and yell because something isn't working, it will not get you anywhere. Politely ask your question and politely wait for a response.

Thank the members that did actually help and reply to your question. It doesn't have to be long. A simple thanks all, or thank you, etc. would be very appreciated by many.

I haven't been visiting Boonex sites as much as I used too lately. I don't have as much time for it, and I see so many things over, and over again that I have replied to more times then, I can count. So I've kind of cut back on the Boonex site. I'm trying to spend more time with this site, and a couple of others I am working on.

This isn't to imply that all new Boonex Unity Members are doing this. It is a relatively small issue, but I do see it fairly often and regular.

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10.21.2008 (5095 days ago)
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