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Boonex Unity Market Mods

I sometimes look around the Boonex Unity Market products, mods, modules, extensions, downloads or whatever you refer to them as.

I obviously don't have time to download, install, and test them all out. There is just too many of them to do that. If I am going to play around with one of them I usually grab a free one that looks interesting.

Anyway I tend to bookmark them or add them to my favorites so I can come back and spend more time with them later. Recently I noticed several that were originally free are no longer free. They are paid mods now.

Maybe the person that added or uploaded the mod changed their mind and decided they should sell it. Or, I think maybe they offered it for free for a while so they could get some positive reviews from the community. After they acquire a number of positive reviews, they change it to a paid mod so it looks like several people did buy the thing or something. Who knows for sure, just a thought.

If you happen to come across a free Boonex Unity Market product, mod, template, module, or whatever I do suggest you download it while it is free. If it changes to a paid download later you might kick yourself for not downloading it for free while you could. Not that it seems to be a real popular thing, but I do see this occasionally.

Just a couple thoughts and tips regarding Boonex Unity Market Products.

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12.07.2010 (4226 days ago)
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