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Boonex Unity Forum Signatures

One of the things Boonex recently talked about is adding forum signatures to both Orca and at Boonex Unity. I can only guess that this is an attempt to attract more members to participate at their forums. The drawback I guess I will call it is that they are planning on having those signatures text only and 100 characters maximum.

Now I guess some will think that is a great advertising or something. Since they will be text only it means someone will have to copy and paste your little signature link into their web browser. The chances of someone doing this are actually very slim. Most people will not even notice any bump in traffic or visitors as a result of this, no matter how many Boonex Unity Forum threads they participate in. Text links have absolutely no SEO value either. So if you are hoping these signatures might bring you lots of new traffic think again.

Clickable anchor text can have SEO value providing they do not have the nofollow attribute added to them. But since they are just text only signatures this doesn't really matter.

I guess some people might post, reply, or participate slightly more thinking they might bring them tons of traffic. It's hard to say what kind of activity might happen as a result of the new signature feature at Boonex Unity.

I do know that sites that have and allow clickable links in signatures do get a lot more activity. However, they also get a lot more junk, spam, and worthless posts and replies. People ask the same thing over and over. They reply to things with a response like: "Thanks". Just for the sake of getting their clickable link out there for SEO purposes more than anything. Whether this will happen at Unity or not is hard to say since they are just text links.

If Boonex is truly adding the signature feature to Orca for everyone's Dolphin 7 site, then I hope we at least have the option to allow clickable text links for our own sites. Whether one would choose to enable this option/feature or not, it should at least be available as a choice with our own sites.

So in the meantime we will just have to watch and see how it plays out at both Boonex Unity Forums and how the option or feature will work with our own Dolphin 7 sites.

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08.04.2010 (4444 days ago)
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