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Boonex Unity Continues to Load Slow

I still continue to get slow loading pages when I visit Boonex Unity. Sometimes Unity loads as expected, while other times it takes forever to load a simple blog or forum post. Lately it seems like it has been happening more frequently. It happened yesterday and again today. I wait for it to load, but finally give up and move along.


Boonex Unity


It never used to do this. It seems like it has been happening more and more frequently the past month or so. Maybe there are too many visitors all at the same time. Maybe the server is just getting old or worn out now, who knows really.

I just hate waiting for a page to load that only has simple text for the most part. It's not like I'm trying to load up a 100mb video or something.

Other sites load fine and dandy so it's not my connection, and I am the only one using the connection at the time.

Oh well the internet is not perfect right! I guess I am just a little impatient when it comes to slow loading pages. It reminds me of the good old dial up days too much.

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11.10.2009 (4711 days ago)
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