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Boonex Server Recomendations and NGINX

It seems Boonex has been pushing Dolphin server recommendations lately. They also keep talking about NGINX and have even published a brief intro to setting it up for Dolphin.

Speed Increase - Part 2. Web-Server Configuration

How To Setup Dolphin on NGINX Web-server

I am not saying NGINX isn't any good or anything. I have heard some good things about it in the past elsewhere. I know other sites use it and stand by it for performance and speed.

The only problem I have with it is ever since Boonex switched from apache to nginx is when I visit I all too often get:
502 Bad Gateway
500 Internal Server Error
The connection has timed out

The most common error is 502 Bad Gateway.

Now maybe nginx is just more apparent with these error screens than apache. It does seem like these error screens happen a lot, and the Boonex site is not viewable much more than it used to be.

Whether there is something else up or wrong with the Boonex site who knows. I have seen other sites that use nginx and I do get a 502 Bad Gateway error at some of those sites often enough to notice too.

It is a little on the annoying side when it happens so often. I know all sites have issues or problems from time to time, but the Boonex site seems to be a little too often lately.

If they are messing with something I sure hope they get it fine tuned soon.

If this is what one can expect when running Dolphin on nginx, then I think I would stick with apache.

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10.08.2010 (4379 days ago)
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