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Boonex Dolphin php.ini Settings

I have noticed people talking about some really big php.ini settings for Dolphin. If you are just testing Dolphin on your own VPS, dedicated server, or even locally that is one thing, but cheap shared hosting is another story. I am not so sure that I would beef up the numbers too much on most hosting providers.

I see things recommended like:
memory_limit=512M to 1024M
max_execution_time=3000 to 30000
max_input_time=3000 to 30000
post_max_size=500M to 1000M
upload_max_filesize=500M to 1000M

There is no way you should be using numbers like these on shared hosting. If you need to use 512M+ of memory, or 3000 seconds of execution time then you shouldn't be using shared hosting. 500M+ upload size is asking for trouble.

300 seconds of execution time is 5 minutes. Some hosts don't even allow that much, but if your script hasn't finished in 5 minutes then it should be killed off so it doesn't affect other users on the server. That is why most of them have lower limits to begin with.

If you read their terms of service or acceptable use policy you will probably find something in there that says you are not allowed to use X-many resources. Somewhere around 20-25% of 1 CPU core for 90-120 seconds. Using more can and probably will result in a suspension.

So if you are allowed to increase the php.ini numbers be careful because numbers like the ones above can easily push you over the limits and get you suspended.

I don't know why people suggest such big numbers over at Boonex Unity all the time. Like I mentioned a little larger settings might be acceptable in a test environment on your own server, but not so good for shared hosting.

Keep this in mind if you bump your numbers up and what they mean, and can do to your account.

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12.23.2012 (3572 days ago)
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