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Boonex Dolphin Affiliate Commission Raised

Some time ago Boonex Affiliate commission rates were 20% of a sale. Then, they lowered the Boonex Affiliate Comission to 5% and after some complaining they also reduced the payout to $100. It has remained at 5% for well over a year now.

Recently Boonex announced that they raised commission rates to 15% This is good news however, they have also raised the minimum payout to $300.

Generating $300 in commissions before getting paid can be extremely difficult considering most people buy the $99 permanent Dolphin license. At 15% that is $14.85 per sale, which means you will need 21 sales of that particular license to get paid.

Unless you know or can refer a few people that are going to buy the Prime - $499 license, or the Enterprise - $999 license. I am sure there are a few people out there that do, but I don't know too many that do.

The majority of the affiliate programs I have seen payout at $50 to $100, which is a little more reasonable for most people to acheive.

I really don't even bother promoting it much anymore. You are better off filling your ad space with something that you are more likely to earn and get paid to promote.

If you have Dolphin 7.0.x and use a free license you can join the Boonex Affiliate program and add your tracking code to the footers. If interested you can check out this tutorial for more details and instructions:
How to add Boonex Dolphin Affiliate in Dolphin 7

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10.11.2011 (4012 days ago)
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