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Boonex Dolphin 8

It would appear that Boonex is showing off new features that will be available in Dolphin 8 over at Unity. I don't know if they are trying to create a little buzz / hype or exactly what the point is yet.

There will probably be several new features, but unless they are prepared to release Dolphin 8 in the very near future I don't see the point of posting too much.

Who knows, maybe they think they might have it wrapped up and ready to go soon. But, considering how many alpha's, beta's, rc's, and even final/stable releases we saw with Dolphin 7 I really don't expect to see Dolphin 8 any time too soon.

When it does come out I would just like to see a stable version that has fewer bugs and other issues than what Boonex traditionally releases. Generally it takes 4-6 stable versions before it is even close to usable in a live website environment. People are always quick to jump into a new version, then complain because of bugs and other problems with the script. I think it might be a better idea if they weren't so quick to call it stable version and work out a few more kinks first.

At any rate if you want to check out a few new features in Dolphin 8 head on over to Boonex Unity and have a look. There isn't a lot of excitement surrounding it, but for those of you that are die-hard Dolphin fans it might be a little interesting for you.

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09.27.2011 (4025 days ago)
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