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Boonex Dolphin 7 Update Status

Today Boonex (unoboonex) posted an update on the status of Dolphin 7 "A dozen scoops you want to be aware of." The update says that there will be at least one more Dolphin 7 Beta release, after that they intend to go to RC releases with update/upgrade packs. Meaning once it goes RC you should be able to upgrade rather than doing a fresh install every time while testing.

Also in the latest news/update we are told that Dolphin will no longer support IE6 (Internet Explorer 6 web browser). IE7, IE8, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari will continue to be the normal and preferred browsers.

It also appears that they are finally going to be doing something with It looks like registration at will be closed in the near future.

There will also be some new updates coming to Boonex Unity. It sounds like real names will be required rather than usernames. It mentions you can stay anonymous, but with limitations. So this part is very vague. We'll have to watch this one and see where it goes.

Boonex plans to shut down their BMS. I believe BMS refers to Boonex Media Server, that most refer to as RMS. So that would mean no more free RMS connection provided by Boonex anymore for the Ray widgets like Video Chat, Video IM, and Profile Video, etc. This is probably a good idea since there are too many members that try to use it and connect to it at a given time anyway. It rarely works, when it does it is slow, it goes down often, and really isn't a reliable service anyway. Better off setting your own RMS up on a vps or dedicated server, or going with a 3rd party provider that can hook you up with a decent RMS connection.

There are a few other updates mentioned in the Blog post at Boonex Unity. If you get a chance you might check it out in your spare time here:

A dozen scoops you want to be aware of.

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09.12.2009 (4769 days ago)
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