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Seems like there has been some discussions about what you can and cannot post at Boonex lately. Some have said their Blog post has been removed or deleted. While many have asked about this, it still doesn't seem to be the clearest. I've even seen some kind of reference about it had been discussed before.

I find it very difficult to determine if something had been discussed before when there isn't a decent system of actually searching the Blogs at Boonex. Unless I want to go through and look at 1000s of pages of Blog posts and see if I can find one that sounds similar...I don't think so.

It seems there has been a lot of confusion lately. I will admit I don't even understand totally what is allowed and what isn't.

One minute I read something about you can't post that, put it in the forums. Then, I read you cannot add or include a link it's advertising. Next thing I know I see someone else posting a link and it seems to be alright for them. Maybe they are wording a post in such away that the so-called Boonex Rules are not broken. Or maybe it's OK if some members do, but not others.

As a result of all this lately I haven't been visiting the Boonex site much lately. It seems like it's more trouble than it is worth.

It also seems like it tends to be some kind of drama soap opera type of place. In my opinion, there are many posts that tend to turn people away from the Boonex software rather than encouraging one to give it a try. When a simple question seeking help is posted it often turns into a shouting match or basically telling a potential new customer to go somewhere else instead. Nice, this is a great business model they have built to encourage others.

Not everyone has been around for an extended amount of time. So it seems fairly natural that a relatively new member would post and ask things that may seem simple to some members. They probably will post things that have been asked before they are new. Kind of like a new job. If you start a new job you are probably going to ask questions that have been asked many times before. I hope your fellow co-workers or employers don't tell you to figure it out or go somewhere else.

I also tend to wonder if a new member registered at your own site and posted something that had been asked before would you tell them to search your site, figure it out, or go somewhere else? I would hope not, it will discourage anyone new from signing up.

Anyway you will find me here at my site more often than at Boonex sites for a while. If anyone needs to contact me you will get a much faster response here, then if you contact me through Boonex site's email/message system.

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10.17.2008 (5096 days ago)
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