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Boonex Affiliate Program - System

I recently wrote a tutorial about how to add your Boonex Affiliate ID to the Boonex links in the Dolphin 7 Footers if you are using the free version which can be found here:

Boonex Dolphin Affiliate

At the time I wrote it Boonex was providing a 20% sales commission per Dolphin license when someone purchased that came from your affiliate link.

A few short days later they reduced the sales commission rate to 5%, but you still need to generate $300 in sales commissions before you are actually paid. This makes things almost impossible now and is a serious waste of time even trying. Not that the 20% rate was anything great either, but it was much more appealing.

The common Dolphin Licenses are the following:
$39 90 days
$99 400 days
$299 Lifetime
There is a prime for $998, but it is rare to get a sales commission on that one.

So these are the amounts based on their commission rates (old and new):





20% Old Commission




5% New Commission




Obviously a big difference, not that I made much from it anyway. The worst part of it is they basically reduced the rate of commission by 75%, but kept the pay out the same at $300.

At those piddly 5% commission rates it will be nearly impossible for the average person to ever reach $300. Where the other 15% goes now who knows.

Boonex mentioned it had something to do with double commissions between affiliates and agents. I don't see how this could happen because that is what they have affiliate software for. If the agents get priority and don't need to use an affiliate link or something, maybe they need to, or come up with a better plan.

The other kind of bummer is they didn't even send out an automated email to people that have an affiliate account. At least I never received one. They only posted this at Boonex Unity Blogs. It's not like everyone hangs out there waiting for things like this to be posted. I wouldn't have even seen it had I not visited a brand new Dolphin 7 site that still had the Boonex Rss Feed on it yet.

Had I known they were going to do this, I wouldn't have even bothered writing the tutorial I posted.

Unless you work with Dolphin exclusively or know a few hundred people that might buy a Dolphin license, I wouldn't waste my time with the affiliate program. Maybe they will increase the rate or change things up a bit in the future, but I am not counting on it.

I really like the part on the affiliate page that now says:

Step Four: Use your convincing ideas to promote BoonEx. We are proud to have a very high visitor-to-customer conversion rate. The average BoonEx customer spends over $400 here, so you can earn over $20 per referral.

(Click to enlarge!)
5 Percent

Prior to the commission rate decreasing it said:

Become a BoonEx affiliate and earn a 20% commission for all sales generated by your referrals. BoonEx products are in high demand and we are happy to have a very high visitor-to-customer conversion rate. The average BoonEx customer spends over $300 here, so you can earn over $60 per referral. Commissions are counted for all products and services, including the BoonEx SmartPro Businesss Package.

(Click to enlarge!)
20 Percent

Apparently after Boonex decreased the commission from 20% to 5% suddenly the average customer now spends $400 instead of $300. I wonder why that is!

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04.03.2010 (4568 days ago)
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