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I have a habit of bookmarking in Firefox or adding to favorites in Internet Explorer. My preference is Firefox and I have built up a fairly extensive list of bookmarks over time.

I don't know how many times I have come across an interesting or useful web site or page and when I try to relocate it I can't find it again.

Like many people I bookmark it so I can find it easy later on. Organizing bookmarks or favorites is another story. If you are like me you might have tons of bookmarks.

So I decided the other day that I should go through some of my bookmarks and do some sorting and organizing. After spending a few hours, over the course of several days I got most of it cleaned up and sorted out.

What I wasn't expecting was a moderate amount of the sites or pages I had bookmarked no longer exist or they were down/unavailable.

Which is kind of a bummer. Some of them were very good sites and pages. Seeing all the hard work disappear and totally gone is too bad.

It makes me wonder why some sites just call it quits. Is it the costs of hosting? Frustration? Lack of interest? A combination? Or something else? I really don't know and it likely varies from one to another.

The good news is there are so many web sites out there it is usually possible to find similar information elsewhere. But, every now and then I do find a site I really like that is very different and unique. And, when one of these disappears I sometimes wish I would have taken some screen shots or saved the page to my local computer. But, you just never know if a site will be around for a while or not.

I guess there is always checking cache or history, but that does not always work so well and it can be extremely slow.

New sites are registered and created every day, and others disappear. I just wonder how or why someone decides to throw in the towel and call it quits. If the site is fairly new, then they aren't out too much. But, when I see sites that have a lot of content and work involved just disappear I can't help wondering what happened especially if it was one I really liked. It's just the way it is sometimes I guess.

Anyway I hope your Dolphin or any other web site you have is around for years to come.

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03.29.2011 (4207 days ago)
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