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Are Meta Keyword Tags Important or Helpful

For those of you concerned about Dolphin's use of meta keywords throughout your site, it really isn't worth spending too much time with them. I have mentioned this in the past that meta keywords don't really count for anything, at least not for Google. Other search engines may put a little weight on meta keywords, but they have never clearly said whether they do or do not. Google is the only one that I am aware of that publicly says that they don't put any value or weight on meta keywords in your page headers.

Google will rank your page or site based on the content it finds on your pages. So it is more important to have content on your site with your preferred keywords in the things you post.

Meta descriptions can be a little helpful. Not so much for ranking, but to be more specific and let people know what the page is about. If you do not specify a meta description the search engines will display what they think is relevant as the description. Sometimes you may not like what they display so much. If this is the case you can use a meta description tag so search engines will display what you want. So they are a little helpful for this.

If you still think meta keywords are useful or help ranking in Google you can check out these youtube videos by Matt Cutts from Google that clearly states that Google puts absolutely no weight or value on meta keywords for search results ranking. He even says it is a waste to spend any amount of time on them for Google. Again, other search engines might put a little value or weight on them, but we really don't know if that is even the case.

Most recent April 19, 2010:

A little older September 21, 2009:

Both videos clearly state Google puts absolutely no value or weight on meta keywords. Which makes me wonder why people are so concerned about adding and using meta keywords for Dolphin, a standard html site, or any other script.

Bottom line, Google rules the search engine market. Most of your search engine traffic will come from Google. Don't spend too much time with meta keywords. If you play around with them a bit because you think other search engines might value them somehow go for it. Just don't overdo it or spam the heck out of them.

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04.22.2010 (4549 days ago)
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