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Anticipating The Release of Dolphin 7

As we are slowly approaching the release of the anticipated Dolphin 7 within the next few weeks things should get kind of interesting. I can't even remember how long it has been since the first mention of this new version was announced anymore. One thing for sure it has created quite a buzz.

I haven't spent as much time checking out the Dolphin 7 Demo / Test Site as I would like, but I have taken a few peeks at it. I really can't comment on it too much at the present time, as I don't think I have spent enough time with it yet. Once it is available for download and I get a chance to really spend some time with it, I might have more of an opinion at that time.

I do like how Boonex is testing it and taking input, suggestions, and problem/bug reports from others. I think this is a smart approach and allows much more time to identify any issues that can be fixed prior to releasing it to the general public. I'm sure there will still be a number of issues reported afterward since most hosts will have a slightly different setup from one to another. But hopefully this will help reduce some of the issues and allow time to fix some before it goes public.

It's still a few weeks out yet, and we really don't know if it will be delayed any later than the expected June 20th release or not. I've read a few mixed posts about the release date, but no official statement from Boonex lately.

Over the next several weeks and months probably, things should be quite interesting. Watch the Boonex Unity Forums and Blogs for posts to start flooding in.

I do want to check it out, and I am curious about the Dolphin Backend Admin Panel. I read at one point there have been several changes to it compared to the previous version. We have not seen any screen shots or demo's available of the new Dolphin 7 Admin Panel, so I am a little curious about this.

The only other thing I am really hoping for is that it has either been programmed to be faster or to use less server resources if possible. Most people generally start with shared hosting, which tends to have some resource limits that Dolphin can sometimes push or exceed. I think if it can be made faster and/or consume a little less resources many people would have a much more pleasant experience with Dolphin. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one, and really hope that at the very least that it won't consume anymore than the current version does.

For the time being all we can do is wait until the new release is made public, then start playing with this new fish we all know as Dolphin.

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06.06.2009 (4864 days ago)
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