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All New dAMP/dXMP 3.2.0 Released

Today I bring you dAMP (Dolphin, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and dXMP (Dolphin, NginX, MySQL, PHP) version 3.2.0. This new release includes new features, updated server software, visual enhancements, and various tweaks.

I have been working on this one for quite a while now, and logged a couple hundred hours developing and testing it.

If you have used an earlier release you may want to download and check this one out. There are some handy new user-friendly features packed in.
What is now included:
dAMP 3.2.0 (32-bit and 64-bit versions)
Apache 2.2.25
MySQL 5.5.34
PHP 5.3.22
phpMyAdmin 4.0.7
BoonEx Dolphin 7.1.4

dXMP 3.2.0 (32-bit only)
NginX 1.5.5
MySQL 5.5.34
PHP 5.3.22
phpMyAdmin 4.0.7
Boonex Dolphin 7.1.4

Download them for free over here:

There is a small little message that will appear in the lower right corner of your computer screen above the time clock after about 10 minutes. It will stay there until you close dAMP/dXMP. It just says the version number by, and informs you that it is donationware. This message could be removed completely in future versions once I hit my target donation amount, which could be months, years, or not at all.

If this message bothers you too much you can:
1. Make a donation and we will send you an update without the message.
2. Restart dAMP/dXMP after the message appears and you have 10 more minutes without it.
3. Don't use dAMP/dXMP.

*See the ReadMe file or button in dAMP/dXMP for more details.

Overall it's very small and not any more noticeable than the Boonex Logo in the Free Dolphin version.

dAMP 3.2.0 details and features:

New Server Software
Apache, MySQL, and phpMyAdmin were updated in this release. The download size and once extracted to your computer size has increased, which is mostly due to the difference between MySQL 5.1.70 and 5.5.34.

Server related configuration changes can now be found by clicking on the dAMP Settings button.

PHP Settings
In the settings area you will be able to change 5 of the more common PHP settings, as well as enable/disable APC cache. You can also use the Open PHP INI button if you want to make more advanced changes.

New Sendmail Feature
You can enable/disable a Windows Sendmail feature, which is similar to the Dolphin SMTP Mailer Module. Simply fill in your SMTP credentials and save the changes.

Apache Configuration
Here you have the option of generating a custom httpd.conf file. View/Edit a custom httpd.conf file, and delete custom httpd.conf.

dAMP automatically creates a new httpd.conf file each time it starts. This is necessary in case you want to move dAMP to another location at a later time.

If you want to use your own custom httpd.conf file click the "Generate Custom httpd.conf" button and an exact copy of httpd.conf will be created called httpd-custom.conf. Each time dAMP starts it looks for httpd-custom.conf. If it finds it, it will use that one. If not it will generate and use httpd.conf. If you generate a custom-httpd.conf file any changes you make to this file will remain intact.

The View/Edit Custom httpd.conf button will open httpd-custom.conf if you generated one, which you can then edit as much as you want. If it doesn't exist the default httpd.conf file will open for reference only.

If you mess up or change your mind later you can use the Delete Custom httpd.conf button to get rid of it. Then, restart dAMP and it will revert back to using the default httpd.conf file.

MySQL Configuration
You have the choice of using MyISAM or InnoDB Engines. The default is MyISAM, and it is recommended that you use this setting for local development. However, you can switch between the two for testing.

You can also open the MySQL configuration (my.ini) by clicking on the View/Edit my.ini button.

The Generate button can be used to create a new Dolphin This is useful if you move dAMP to another location. You can use the delete first, and then generate a new one which will include the new updated path/location that you moved it to.

If you just want to view or edit the Dolphin file simply use this button to open it in notepad and make your changes.

There are some new visual start up and shutdown screens, as well as social icon/links included now.

Be sure to see the "Getting Started" button for more details, tips, and help.

dXMP 3.2.0 details and features:

dXMP is very similar to the above dAMP details. The only difference is it will have an NginX / nginx.conf section with buttons to make changes to the NginX configuration file.

You will also see a black Windows Command screen pop-up briefly during start up. This is hard coded into NginX and part of the start up process on a Windows system.

I don't know if I will continue developing the NginX version or not. It depends on how many people actually use it.


dAMP 3.2.0 Main
dAMP 3.2.0

dAMP Setings
dAMP Settings

dXMP 3.2.0 Main
dAMP 3.2.0

dXMP Settings
dXMP Settings

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