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5 Common Mistakes people made when it comes to Dolphin

Ive been reading lots and lots of comments, questions from Boonex Supports Site and Expertzzz, yet only few have been answered. I know the reasons why these questions are mostly left unanswered, its really simple, most of these questions are actually basic security practice when handling or managing a website.


Ive worked with Joomla before, its the same thing, set your Global Regoster Off Lol.. Make sure you have the correct permissions on each folder, on each files. Use a hardware firewall to protect and minimize the risks from DOS attacks. Disable features that unneeded. Use htaccess when necessary. These are the 5 common mistakes that I see most people are doing:


1. Most of them think Boonex is a perfect script. Simply follow the manual. Installed and there you go. Happily Ever after. Of course this is not true, we should know that the more features Dolphin have, the more chacnces of bugs and vulnerability. To minimise it, is to understand how Dolphin works, how your webserver works. Knowledge is free, type Google and look for web security practice. Knowing which files and folders normally exploited will really help.


2. Performance Issues. So yeah, you are secured. But as more members coming in, you started to notice, performance issues. Most performance issues can actually be solved at httpd.conf or php.ini or adding php accelerator. However most network admin wont do this, because this would cause extra load on the Processing Power. That explains why some site can offer cheap hosting. Performance wise in long terms, that'd really hurts.


Owh dinner time.. Maybe Ill write some more later



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08.31.2008 (5053 days ago)
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