Google YouTube VideosOver the past several months I have read several posts that basically said you should really think about and consider creating and uploading videos to Google YouTube. I still have mixed feelings about doing so.

I watch videos over there fairly often, and I don’t have a problem with news articles that happen to embed them either. There are a lot of very good and helpful videos on YouTube, but there’s a lot of near useless junk too. Just like a traditional article or post for that matter. I sometimes ask myself what was the point of this one again?

There are obviously some benefits. Namely it is free and you can gain additional exposure. What the heck right? Who wouldn’t take the free traffic that it could potentially generate? Most people will take it anyway they can get it. If it happens to be through YouTube, then why not. I am sure you wouldn’t complain.

I do see a few drawbacks, which is why I haven’t messed with YouTube that much. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again making a decent video is time-consuming. I know some people say it only takes a few minutes and it can be faster than writing a text post. This might be true if you are a good talker, and get it right the first time. Maybe I am just a stickler for quality because I usually end up re-doing or editing a video several times before I am even half-way pleased with the outcome. I think I could probably write 2-5 text posts in the time it takes me to complete a video that I am content with.

Another thing is obviously you are not guaranteed traffic. There is a lot of competition over there. What will make your video appear in a search with a better ranking position than anyone else’s video? I am no YouTube expert, but I would guess there is a certain level of SEO involved with it just like anything else.

Google YouTube

I would assume that a good keyword / keyphrase title along with a decent description would be helpful. Also, choosing the right category and a good set of tags would help too. Then, there is the off site SEO part of it to consider. Just like any other web site, page, or post getting good quality backlinks to your YouTube video would probably help substantially.

I think people assume that they can upload a video and get a million hits pretty easy. This does happen, but it is still fairly rare. Usually it happens when a popular site links to a YouTube video and gets the ball rolling. Others quickly get wind of it and it spreads like wildfire.

If you create and upload videos, but neglect to promote them or add SEO value to them I wouldn’t expect to see much activity. There is definite potential there, but more so if you take the time to do things right. If you spend a considerable amount of time creating a video you should really take the time to promote it. I would hate to spend an hour or two editing, polishing, and fine tuning a video only to see it get a mere 100 hits over the course of a year.

My point is I am not so sure if I would bother making videos for Google YouTube if I didn’t want to take the time to promote them too. Even more so if you are like me and prefer to spend extra time creating quality videos rather than quick quantity videos.

I wish I had more free time to work on making YouTube videos, but there’s just not enough hours in a given day for everything.

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