Default Profile ImageThere seems to be a push or trend towards being more social and sharing additional details publicly about yourself online. All these popular social networking and media sites seem to almost encourage us to share more things with the entire world. If you are cool with that, then go for it. If not, then don’t. Nobody said you have to. At least not yet.

If you ask me privacy is slowly dwindling in the online world. The younger generation seems all to quick to let the world know about their life. Sharing real names, pictures, videos, home address, phone numbers, email addresses…you name it.

I am not one to jump into posting and sharing these things online. Maybe because I am older and grew up in a world without all this online internet technology stuff. Maybe I just think some things are meant to be kept private.

Just because you are willing to have a more open and public appearance online does that make you more legit than anyone else? If you don’t post and share things about yourself, and you keep a more private transparent online presence does it mean you are not as credible or legit? Personally I don’t think it matters that much.

You might get a little more traffic if you are active online and people can follow your work and various online profiles. A lot of times they associate a face (screen shot) with a profile.

If you keep a low profile and don’t share that many details about yourself online you might consider using an image of some kind. Your website logo would be a good choice if you don’t want to use a picture of yourself. Figure out what you want to use, keep it, and use it as your public profile image. Don’t change it frequently, and do not use different images at different websites and profile pages. You want something people will see, remember, and relate to. If you use a different image or logo all over the internet, then people are never going to remember you, your website, or your work.

People like faces, but using a logo can be very effective too. Certainly a logo would be much better than a plain old boring standard image of man or woman you see all the time.

Default image and simple logo:
Default general imageSimple logo image

Try to use the same picture or logo at all websites you belong to and use. Do not limit the usage to Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Use it on forums, blogs, and any other website you belong to that allows you to upload a profile picture.

It really only takes a few moments to upload one and it looks nicer, more professional, helps draw attention, and it’s attractive too.

Share a few details or a lot. Use a real picture of yourself or don’t. The choice is obviously yours. We haven’t been forced to yet, although there is a definite push towards doing so.

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