Dark Theme Eye StrainWhen was the last time you visited a website that happened to be using a dark or black template theme? The ones I am referring to have mostly or all black backgrounds with white text. Even the actual post content area has a black background with white text.

I don’t know about you, but I rarely land on sites like these. When I do I usually don’t stick around very long. I find them extremely difficult to read, and they strain my poor little eyes considerably. My eye sight has gone downhill the past few years, and I really don’t need them to contribute to that even more.

I am not sure why someone would decide to use a template theme that is so difficult read. Are they supposed to be awesome or do they just like the color black or something? I couldn’t tell you.

Some black in the background or top navigation is usually fine, as long as the main text content area is easy to read with lighter with traditional black text. At least I can read these kinds of posts.

You don’t see them being used too much in the blog world. At least I don’t recall ever visiting a blog based website that was using one. They are probably out there though.

I do occasionally end up on a forum that happens to be using a black background with white text, but that’s a fairly rare occurrence.

The main part of my site is powered by Boonex Dolphin, which is a social media/networking/dating type of CMS. It is somewhat a MySpace/Facebook/Pinterest all in one script. For some reason black template themes seem to be popular with it. No wonder website owners that use these complain about the lack of visitors and activity. I keep telling them I wouldn’t visit it on a regular basis either simply because it is just to darn hard to read anything.

Could you imagine if Google, Facebook, and other popular social media websites happened to have an all black background with annoying white text? I know I would quickly find myself another site to use instead. There is a reason why lighter backgrounds with traditional easy to read black text are more popular. That’s because people won’t go blind trying to read the content at these sites. Don’t take my word for it. Do a 5 minute Google search on the topic and you will find numerous posts about how certain colors perform better than others.

It’s even worse when they use bright neon pink, green, or yellow text and headlines with black backgrounds.

Hard To Read Dark Themes
Would you actually read this?

I still don’t get the thinking or reasoning behind using something like this.

It doesn’t mean a website in particular is terrible. They could actually have some really decent content, but people like myself are never going to find it. If they would just lighten things up they could easily increase the number of visitors they get. Or, at least reduce their bounce rate substantially.

I would definitely avoid dark/black template themes no matter how great you think they look. What matters is how appealing and easy to read a website template theme is for the visitor.

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