Wordpress vs. TumblrHow many times have you heard about Google, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple in the news? More like how many times in a given day have you heard or read something about them?

So I was a little surprised when I came across an article that actually mentioned WordPress and Tumblr. Basically it was comparing WordPress usage to Tumblr usage. According to the story Tumblr surpassed WordPress in both the number of blogs, and the number of daily posts. The author kind of implied that WordPress could be on the decline comparing it to MySpace. While they suggested Tumblar could be gaining popularity like Facebook in the blog world anyway.

As far as I could tell they were only comparing WordPress.com stats and details. They did not mention, nor include any reference or details regarding the number of people that host their own WordPress website. If one were to add both WordPress.com and WordPress.org stats they would likely tell a different story.

I don’t foresee WordPress loosing popularity, nor would I expect to see it tumble any time soon.

I have visited a few blogs and pages over at Tublar, but honestly I really didn’t see anything that caught my attention or wow’d me. If it is your thing or the place you call home that is great though.

After hearing and seeing Google, Facebook, and Twitter in the news so often I thought it was nice to come across something different for a change.

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