wordpress-pluginsIf you develop WordPress Plugins or Themes you will have to get used to Subversion to upload your files. Subversion can be a little confusing until you get used to it.

You can’t use ftp or a simple online file up-loader. It is all done through subversion. Which, also means you will probably need a subversion client like TortoiseSVN.

Once you have done it a few times and get used to subversion it’s not that difficult. However, if you don’t use it on a regular basis it’s easy to forget how to use it again.

You may find yourself looking up “How to use subversion with WordPress.” or similar if you forget.

If you frequently update your plugin or theme you are more likely to remember how to use it. But, most likely, you won’t be updating your plugin or theme on a daily or weekly basis. Months may go by before you want to upload another update, which is just enough time to forget how to use subversion again. Kind of a bummer, but that’s the way it is.

Sometimes I wish WordPress provided an easier way to upload plugin and theme files, and other times I tell myself subversion isn’t that difficult either. Especially if you are just uploading a new version.

So, if you think you will be able to simply upload via an online up-loader or ftp think again because it’s not quite that simple.


There are obviously a lot of tutorials or how to’s out there for just this, but they range in quality. Some cause more confusion than providing help. Others, leave out a lot and leave you guessing to what they are referring to.

One of the best tutorial/how to’s I have found, and find myself using over and over again is by WPMudev It’s titled: Using Subversion with the WordPress Plugin Directory.

It’s a little old and out of date, but just slightly. You should be able to figure out the differences since the time it was written and today’s date.

Definitely bookmark it, add it to your favorites, or better yet save it to your computer for future reference if you plan on developing WordPress plugins or themes.

It’s definitely an asset that I couldn’t live without. Each time I find myself reviewing this. it becomes easier and easier because I have used it so many times now.

There are probably other really good ones out there as well, but this has been the best one for me for a very long time now.

There are a lot of poorly written tutorials/how to’s out there as well so beware.

For some people figuring out subversion is more difficult than writing the actual plugin or theme code itself.

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