P3 ProfilerEver wondered just how many resources your WordPress plugins use? Are they slowing your site down? Can you remove some that you really don’t use or need? This handy little FREE plugin is a great way to find out.

The WordPress P3 plugin performance profiler makes determining this a snap. Not to mention it is FREE and will provide you with a nice set of details and reports about your plugins. From the number of plugins you have actively installed, to plugin load time, plugin impact, MySQL queries, and much more. After you have the plugin installed, it only takes a few moments to run a scan. Once it completes it will provide you with a series of useful detailed charts.

You can download the P3 Profiler Plugin from the WordPress repository here:
P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

Install it just like any other plugin.

Once you have it installed and activated from within your WordPress dashboard simply go to Tools, and click on P3 Plugin Profiler. Click Start Scan, and then click Auto Scan. Wait a few moments for it to crawl and visit some of your pages, and then view the results.

You will get a series of reports such as:
Runtime By Plugin
Detailed Breakdown
Simple Timeline
Detailed Timeline
Query Timeline
Advanced Metrics

This is a great plugin to help determine if any of your active and installed plugins are using more resources than what you would like. It can also help you narrow down bottle necks, and/or help you consider removing or deactivating the heavy consumers.

Another thing you could do is run a scan before and after installing a new plugin to see what kind of resource usage it has.

Of course there can be other factors involved such as how your hosts server is running at the time you run a P3 profiler scan. If your host happened to be running a backup, or doing some upgrades that were slowing the server down it would also be reflected in the results. If you get poor results try running it at another time of day just to make sure something else isn’t affecting it.

Here in this screen shot you can see I have:
23 active plugins
0.102 seconds of plugin load time
33.2% plugin impact

And in the pie chart the top 3 plugins consuming the most resources are:
Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARP) – 28%
W3 Total Cache – 26%
WP-PageNavi – 17%

Wordpress P3 Profiler

Looking at the pie chart it can seem like a lot, but really it’s not. When I hover my mouse over the YARP plugin (Light Blue) you can see that even though it says 28% that is still only 0.0284 seconds. So it is only a fraction of a second, which is almost nothing.

Going back to the very top you can see that all my plugins combined take 0.102 seconds per visit to load. Nothing to worry about there that is 1/10 of a second.

While there is no set of perfect numbers obviously smaller numbers mean faster response and load times. Keeping the number of active plugins installed low can help. As you can see I have 23 of them. It really depends on what they do, but I prefer to shoot for 30 or less.

It is made by or associated with Godaddy somehow.

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