WordPress 3.5 and 3.5.1 BugI am going to make this post a little short and get right to the point.

Recently I was adding images to a new post in the current WordPress 3.5.1 and I noticed that the image title tag in the uploader gets stripped/removed after you click the “Insert into post” button.

This is a little annoying, but more of an inconvenience than anything.

If you add title tags to your images you will need to manually add them again by clicking on the edit image button once you have your image inserted into your post (WordPress Editor). So it does require an extra step to make them work for now, and at least until they fix this bug.

WordPress 3.5 and 3.5.1 Image Title Bug Examples

Here is a screen shot from the WordPress insert media/uploader, and as you can see it has added the title automatically as expected:

Wordpress Upload Image Bug


Now here is a screen shot after I have clicked on the “Insert into post” button. When I click on edit image this is what I see:

Wordpress In Post Title Stripped Bug

As you can see the title line is completely blank, which means the title is being stripped/removed after you click the insert into post button. If you like adding titles, then for the time being you will need to manually add them again by editing each image. Hopefully you do not have a lot of images because it is a little tedious.


In this screen shot I have added my image title again and saved/updated the changes.

Wordpress Reapply Title Bug


After doing so it seems to stick. Hopefully the WordPress people are working on this and have it resolved in the next update.

The ALT tag appears to work normal and as expected. However, I did not try the caption field.

So anyway just a little heads up if you like using the WordPress image title tag.

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