High Speed InternetWill all the various internet service providers eventually be maxed out in terms of download and upload speed that they offer?

The two providers in my area (Frontier – FIOS/DSL Internet and Comcast – Cable Internet) seem to go back and forth on speed and pricing deals. It seems like we are constantly getting a flyer in the mail, or an ad on TV.

I know they both have up to a Gigabit download, which they usually list as business class at the current time. One day maybe that will be the industry standard for the private home internet? Who knows.

One will run a special and a week or so later the other has a special. It’s non-stop and never ending.

Not that I would ever need anywhere near 1 Gigabit per second, but if they were going to give it to me for a great price I’m not going to complain that’s for sure.

I keep hearing about some kind of free internet as well. I don’t recall if it is satellite based or something else, but it’s in the news every now and then.

I just couldn’t imagine free internet. The current providers would be furious and I’m sure they would do their best to fight that one.

Even if we eventually do have free internet I couldn’t imagine it being super speedy all for free. Maybe, but it seems kind of doubtful and more like a dream that probably would never come true. I’ll have to keep watching this one develop, and keep my fingers crossed.

Max Speed Internet

There are still parts of the country that have very slow internet, and some that don’t have access to it at all. Usually very rural parts of the country, but they are out there.

The same can be said for cell phone coverage. There are still dead zones out there. Usually rural locations, or up in the hills and mountains.

My sister used to live just a few miles out of town in a kind of gully. She couldn’t get cell phone service or internet service.

While just a few miles away, less actually, just outside that gully. That has extremely fast internet speed and excellent cell phone coverage. Go figure. One of the disadvantages of living out in the country I guess.

And, that is near a big city. Can you possibly imagine some of the rural locations in the plain states, or up in the rocky mountains. It’s probably a huge challenge to get decent coverage for either the internet or cell phone.

Then again, not too many years ago it didn’t even exist. So, we should be thankful for what we have and can get now. And, just hope that the internet and cell phone companies will keep building and upgrading their network for better coverage and speed. I wouldn’t count on it too much. Maybe in some of the rural areas where their profit might be extremely low because it would take them forever to see a return on their investment.

But, in and around the larger cities competition can be fierce.

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