LinksMost of us have a few favorite websites that we frequent on a regular basis. Not only big and popular sites like Facebook or Twitter, but smaller sites as well. I know there are several I visit at least once per week.

Obviously some sites have been around longer and are more popular than others. When a site has topics and content that I can relate to and is of interest to me I will usually leave a comment.

Recently I wrote about the average lifespan of a website, which I have been thinking about for a while now. I keep thinking about how many websites call it quits and disappear in a short period of time. Many without warning or indication.

If your goal is to build backlinks we are often told we should comment on additional sites rather than the same site on a regular basis. By doing so, you gain more backlinks, and from other root domain names. The thinking is that commenting on 100 different sites is better than on the same 1 site 100 times. It’s kind of like getting a vote for your site, which amounts to 1 person voting for your site 100 times vs. 100 different people voting for your site one time. That’s what they say anyway. There are a number of other factors involved, but that’s the basic concept and idea.

So I was thinking, say you did comment on a site you really liked on a regular basis and happened to get 100 comments with your link over time. Then, one day the site just quits posting new content and it eventually just disappears. Not only would your 100 backlinks be gone with it, but you would have wasted a lot of time.

http web siteThere was a site that I belong to that actually switched from comments and links visible to guests (everyone) including Google, to comments visible to members only. If you have to login to see a comment it means Google can’t see them either. Unless for some reason Google likes to go around joining various sites. What that amounted to was I lost a few hundred backlinks that I got over a 3-4 year period of time. That wasn’t the sole purpose for joining and participating at the site, but the way I looked at it was it was an added perk or bonus. I was a little bummed out and don’t participate that much there anymore.

Obviously getting a backlink shouldn’t be what it is all about, but it’s a definite plus if you do.

I don’t want to discourage anyone from visiting and commenting at their favorite sites on a regular basis. I just want to point out that sites come and go fairly often. When they do go they take your comments with them. Unfortunately there is no way to know or predict if a site will be around for a long time or not.

If you write guest posts for other sites it might be even more disappointing if a site dies off because even more hard work and time would have been involved. When these go “POOF” I go “OUCH” that’s a total bummer. I would definitely try to pick more popular sites that have been around for a while when guest posting.

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