Reading LevelI have always thought in order to attract more visitors to my website that simple is better. In terms of word usage, spelling, grammar, and that type of thing anyway.

If I were to use big fancy words, scientific formulas, and things to that nature most people would be bored out of their mind.

Some of my posts, especially my tutorials may seem overwhelming to some visitors. I try to keep the wording simple and easy to follow. Well, at least I think they are easy enough to follow. I am sure they bore some folks though. I do get long winded on occasion, and a tutorial may end up hovering around 1000 words or so.

Usually that is because I write each and every step one by one along with screen shots. I don’t know how many times I have searched for a help/how to tutorial only to find out one or more steps were omitted. For example: say we have a 10 step how to do something tutorial. It starts out great walking you through steps 1-6, but then it jumps to 9 and 10 and says good luck and have fun. I don’t know what is up with those things. I guess we are supposed to read the authors mind, or just figure out step 7 and 8 ourselves. I hate it when they do that.

After reading so many like this over the years, I told myself when I write one make sure you don’t skip anything. I actually perform each step when I write a tutorial so I don’t forget one.

I know who cares boring right! Well sometimes it is boring, and it can certainly be tedious and time-consuming.

Do you write with a specific reading level in mind?

I know I don’t. I guess if I had to pick a target reading level I would say my site probably fits the high school graduate category. You could certainly understand it with less schooling, and you won’t find very many big and complex words here, if any.

According to Google the results by reading level for are:
Basic: 62%
Intermediate: 38%
Advanced: 0%

Dialme Reading Level

For just the WordPress Blog part of my site (i.e.
Basic: 80%
Intermediate: 20%
Advanced: 0%

Dialme Blog Reading Level

You can check your site here:
Your website’s reading level

Just use that link and then change to your own.

This is pretty much what I was expecting for my website content. I don’t write specifically with a reading level in mind, but I prefer to fall in the basic to intermediate level if possible.

A few examples of sites that are more for intermediate to advanced reading levels:
Basic: 17%
Intermediate: 56%
Advanced: 27%
Basic: 20%
Intermediate: 34%
Advanced: 46%
Basic: 6%
Intermediate: 47%
Advanced: 46%

Are there other sites out there that fall into mostly advanced reading level? I am sure you can find some!

What does Google think the reading level of sites specifically for children are?
Basic: 84%
Intermediate: 16%
Advanced: 1% (Nickelodeon):
Basic: 95%
Intermediate: 5%
Advanced: 1% (I still love Cookie Monster by the way!):
Basic: 84%
Intermediate: 16%
Advanced: 1%

These are pretty much what I would expect as well. Although I’m not sure why they have a 1% advanced level. Maybe they have a complex section for parents with a master’s degree, or if your child is a genius click here section.

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