Bogus InfoSometimes I wonder about all the bogus information on the internet that circulates on a daily basis. I have been to websites that will quote or link to a fictitious crazy story like it somehow makes it more legit and credible. I don’t know how many stories or articles I have read that are so far-fetched and beyond reality. It makes me wonder how some of these people actually function and live in the real world. Maybe they are taking medication or getting professional help…I can only hope!

I don’t purposely go looking for these things I just stumble across them. It doesn’t matter if I visit a forum, a blog, or if I am simply reading comments in a news story. They range widely from a bit disturbing to more humor than fact and I find myself laughing most of the way through many articles. You never know what people will post or how a commenter will respond. Just when you think you have heard and seen it all someone posts something totally off the wall that blows your mind. In other words, so crazy and unusual you laugh so hard your head feels like it is literally going to explode.

It might be something simple like this website said this or that. On the other (crazier) side we have things like the world is going to end on some random date. Even an asteroid or comet will smash into us and wipe us out any day now. Some of these folks are dead serious too. Exciting? Believable? Maybe to some people, but I have a few things down here on earth that worry me more than these.


Out of this world


Wow that’s out of this world! Wait a minute maybe it’s a Hoax?

Just because someone posts something online I don’t know why some people believe it and pass it around so much. Maybe they are looking to start a new conspiracy. We all know how easy it is to fake images with the fancy digital image editing software out there now. Heck even Google Youtube is loaded with fake hoax videos.

Twitter is another one that is famous for circulating fake stories. A lot of fake celebrity deaths originate from Twitter. How fun or exciting is that? Maybe I am just getting old because I don’t see the fun in it. I am sure there are plenty of other crazy things happening on websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus than I am aware of for that matter.

Why do some people go out of their way to make something up? Why take the time to fake a picture or video? Are they seeking popularity and fame? Do they do this for fun? Are they just crazy? All I can say is some people must have a lot more time on their hands than I do.

I guess that is what makes the internet so different and unique. Everybody has a mind of their own and entitled to their own opinion. Even if it is a little far-fetched and sometimes a little out of this world.

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