LocalWPI decided to reduce my blog posting frequency the past few weeks so I could concentrate more on programming. I have been working on a new program called LocalWP. It allows you to use WordPress on your local Windows based computer. Why would you want to do that? For many reasons really. From testing to developing, to just playing with WordPress, and anything in between. The potential is great, and you are limited only by your imagination.

All you have to do is download the .zip file, extract it to your computer, and start LocalWP. Once it starts you can use WordPress on your computer right away. Everything is pre-configured and ready to go. You don’t need to install or setup the database or anything like that.

It doesn’t rely on any Windows system files or make any changes to your system. It runs directly from any folder that you extract it to. If you decide to get rid of it later all you have to do is delete the folder you extracted it to and it’s gone.

You can also delete the folder it was extracted to and re-extract it again to start fresh again if you wanted to.

Here are a few things you might use LocalWP for:

  • Test new themes before using them on a live site.
  • Try out new plugins so you don’t clutter a live site with waste.
  • Maybe you want to practice editing .css or .php files before doing so on your website.
  • To learn about the database with phpMyAdmin
  • To see if WordPress is really for you.
  • And much, much more!

Check out the complete details and download here:
WordPress on your Windows Computer with LocalWP

There you will find more information and download links in both 32-bit and 64-bit varieties.

It will be updated as often as possible. I am starting the very first version as LocalWP 2.0.0. There was a fairly extensive test phase involved that I would consider Alpha, Beta, and RC, which would have been along the lines of 1.0.0. I don’t really like the number 1 unless we are talking about a race or Google rankings anyway.

When I update Apache, MySql, PHP, phpMyAdmin, or WordPress it will likely become 2.0.1/2.0.2/2.0.3, etc. or if there is a minor LocalWP source code tweak or change.

If there happens to be a more extensive change to the package or the source code it would become more along the lines of 2.1.0/2.2.0/2.3.0, etc.

I am currently working on a fairly significant update that I hope to have available somewhere around the end of October to the early part of December. It will include additional user-friendly features so watch for it a few months down the road.

I will be focusing more on LocalWP than blogging for the time being. I will still try to make a few blog posts when I have some free time available.

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