Annoying UpgradesThe past couple of days I have seen a flood of WordPress plugin updates. I know WordPress 3.3 was just released the other day, and that is probably why. Well it might be related to some extent, but I saw a bunch of updates before WordPress 3.3 was released. So now I have a bunch of plugins to update, and WordPress 3.3. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a bunch more plugin updates come rolling in once I update WordPress.


It seems to me the frequency at which updates are available and released are happening at a much faster pace than they used to. I guess it can be a good thing, but in my opinion they are more like an annoying thing.

Within the past few days to a week or so this is what I have had for updates:
Windows 7 updates – 7
Wordpress updates – 10
Norton Anti-virus – 3
Firefox 8 update
Other website updates – 3
Other website – 5 manual and time-consuming updates

These are just a handful that come to mind. There is a definite possibility that there are a few others I forgot about or missed. All of these within a short time period and generally at the same time. Sheesh! Not what I planned on doing or expected.

What is the deal with all the updates? I wrote about Annoying Frequent Software Upgrades a while back, and here I go again.

I understand updates and upgrades are one thing when a security patch is involved, but all these frequent updates just for a few minor improvements or tweaks can be a waste of time. Not only that, but half the time these software vendors claim a new version, sometimes a major version release update and there is nothing major about it. A few minor changes doesn’t warrant calling it a new major version number in my opinion.

I know some people just click the automatic update/upgrade feature in WordPress for plugins, framework, and WordPress itself when available. It usually works out well enough, but I have never been one to jump right on the upgrade/update bandwagon. I prefer to wait until there is some user feedback to see if there are any problems or issues to be concerned with first.

I never update until I download and backup all files and the database. Too many times have I seen things not work out the way they are supposed to. People usually get all excited and in a hurry to update that they don’t even bother to perform a backup first. Then, they are screaming and blaming everyone and everything they can think of for their own negligence. All a sudden this great software, plugin, module, etc. is no longer so great. If they do manage to get things fixed and running again they learn the importance of both file and database backups.

Sometimes I wonder if we will see daily, weekly, or monthly updates and upgrades as a common occurrence in the near future. I really hope not. They are already a pain in the rump to keep up with now!

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