New UpdatesEven though I haven’t added a blog post in quite some time, I have definitely been busy the past year or so. I had been putting off a lot of my own website projects until I had some free time. Unfortunately, there was always something else more important that I needed to do.

I finally told myself enough waiting for the free time that may never come about and just get it done.

Some of the things I was working on:
I created a plugin that I submitted and got approved in the WordPress Repository called: ScrollTop Fader. It’s a scroll to the top of a page when clicking on an image thing you see on a lot of websites.

I basically created two versions. The free version available in the repository, with less features than a premium version that I will hopefully be selling in the near future.

If you are interested you can check out the free version available on WordPress here:
ScrollTop Fader

Scrolltop Fader WordPress Repository

I am also working on a few more plugins I hope to add later this year.

The second big job I wanted to get done was updating LocalWP and dAMP. This was very time-consuming, but I am very pleased with the results. Both are very solid and stable. There is way too much to get into all the details, but it took several months of consistent work to get done. You can find out more about each here:
LocalWP Download, Information, and Updates
dAMP Download, Information, and Updates

I updated the main part of, which is powered by Boonex Dolphin. I was way behind on this mostly because it’s not as easy as WordPress to do so. There is no such thing as push a button and your done. It involves manually uploading files, running a database update, and manually performing additional tasks. Now imagine that times 8-10 versions that needed to be applied.

On top of that there were a number of layout and design changes that I wanted to do.

That is just for the main part of this website. This WordPress blog was an old theme that wasn’t responsive (mobile friendly). I was using a plugin that did make it look better on mobile devices, but I really wanted a responsive theme instead.

The one I originally selected looked great. I spent a lot of time customizing it locally before uploading to my live site. Once I did, it loaded extremely slow. Turns out it has a lot of bells and whistles (eye candy) that slows it down considerably. I spend hours trying to reduce the load time, but ended up changing to a much lighter weight theme.

My support ticket system was never responsive (mobile friendly). So as long as I was at it I updated it too.

Phew!! That’s a lot of work …

I also created a new website that is more specific to my WordPress development and programming projects. I hope to post plugins, services, and what not over there.

If interested you can check it out here:

It isn’t completely done, and I will be adding to it, but for now it is decent enough for a live site.

So, as you can see that kept me extremely busy for the past year or so.

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